Volunteer Opportunities at Sanctuary Abundancia, Costa Rica!

Sanctuary Abundancia in Costa Rica is now accepting volunteers to help us continue to build, develop, and expand our center in Costa Rica.

Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum 2 week stay, and assist with community projects 5-6 hours each day 5 -6 days each week. In exchange for volunteer assistance we will provide lodging (in a shared community house) and basic food staples.

Projects and skills we are now ready for assistance with…
Gardening and Farming
Domestic help  – cleaning, cooking, laundry, organization
Admin and Computer help – transcribing, marketing, organizing, etc.
Video Editing and Production
Building and Construction

Please visit our website at www.AbundantGlobalSolutions.org
Please email us if interested in becoming a volunteer – AbundantGlobalSolutions@Gmail.com

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