The Famunity Vision

The Famunity is a life school which educates humanity through sovereign, tribal living of a group of people who have achieved basic self sufficiency and live a predominantly playful lifestyle.

Our vision:

We are establishing an intentional community called a “Famunity” on a 53 acre property at Natural Bridge in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. We are now inviting people who are raising or planning to have children to join us.

The intention is to generate an environment and a culture in which to raise our young people to be able to live into a sustainable and inspiring future. We hope to serve as a possible example on how to live freely, harmoniously and peacefully, and to collaboratively co-create.

We are gathering an intentional extended family at the core of the community, who will share child rearing and home education. Members may have varying involvement with these activities and also contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community in other ways. A high degree of self-sufficiency is planned regarding food and energy, moving towards a sustainable way of life in harmony with the surrounding environment. At the moment we are 5 adults and three children living communally.

The land is currently held in a discretionary trust. In the future, we want the land to be a Micro Nation and the future custodians will be committed to hold and steward the community space in perpetuity for our children and future generations.

Within the next two years we will have three separate houses, with initial capacity to accommodate up to 20 adults and their children. We have started with a transition to permaculture, built dams and swales, got the water systems in, planted 200 fruit trees , 400 timber trees and we cell-graze a dozen head of cattle to improve top soil conditions. There is a permanent creek with swimming holes on the property and the setting midst the escarpment in the Numinbah Valley is quite spectacular.

Now we envision the coming together of loving, sharing, consciously relating people who choose to become part of an extended family based on trust, security and care for each other, to foster and promote a nurturing environment for all. A group of people who express themselves authentically, collaborate and co-create in an intellectually fulfilling, spiritually uplifting environment.

Amongst the values that we want to share will be self-responsibility, nonviolent communication, mutual support, honesty and transparency, personal development, freedom and long-term thinking. We respect, honour and celebrate the spiritual dimension of all life. No doubt, there will be more shared values and guiding principles.

Our vision is to be independent from the current mainstream economic and educational systems, industrial food production and the propaganda in the mainstream media. We will be able to function in society, but have clear distinctions between the wider system and our own independent existence.

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