Our Vision

Authenticity stands for integrity, conscious evolution and awakening to our highest possibility.In conjunction with the NEW EARTH Movement, we are becoming a sovereign nation, and looking to expand with the creation of a state of the art healing centre, conference centre, self-sustainable houses, cabins and permaculture gardens. In order to realize this vision, of harmony, sustainability and ascension , we are calling upon those who share the vision to stand together.
We offer year-round retreats for rest, rejuvenation, transformation, personal growth, Spiritual Crisis, and individual healing intensives. Organic Vegetarian Cafe featuring raw, fresh conscious food, that has a focus on supporting optimal health, anti-aging and wellbeing. An esoteric wisdom school of consciousness studies; in the fields of meditation practice; cosmic history; transformative dream work; comparative mythology, shamanic and energetic healing; yogic sciences; development of supernormal abilities; new earth vision quests, earth citizen politics, next-generation therapies that go beyond transpersonal psychology, and visionary art therapy. Other core subjects include nonviolent communication, leadership training, and community building;
Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat is now undertaking further step towards providing the facilities and resources to bring our many healing and transformative therapies to a greater number of people.
We are calling upon further practitioners in diverse fields to have the opportunity to live onsite and work co-operatively with each other and the land.
An ashram for the current times providing a contemplative and sattvic lifestyle for the achievement of our highest potential, a place to visit or live permanently in a conscious community of simplicity, inner peace, and joy with like-minded beings, in union with our Authentic Real Self.
A Team of Master Practitioners in Traditional Therapies such as Massage, Psychology and Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine, Beauty Therapy and Advanced Clinical Skin Care, using organic and natural products are available to assist you in your Healing Journey.
We are inviting you to assist in the co-creation of this community, for those wishing to contribute to the fields of organic farming, permaculture, architecture, shamanic journeying, visionary artistic creation, healing products and services, off the grid technologies and services and more.
Our vision includes a state of the art healing centre, conference centre, sustainable designed and sources homes that have been designed with feng shui and vastu sciences, cabins and expanded organic gardening for sustainable living.
In order to make this a reality, we are calling upon those who see the enormous benefits and potential of this vision to step forward and contribute their gifts together as an intentional community.

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