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Long before we came to Peru, our conversations with Jamil had spoken to something which he called ‘Nemus Custodis’ – the name literally means “Protector of the Forests” – but despite many conversations from half way around the world, we were never able to get a proper understanding (partly due to language difficulties) of what the Nemus Custodis vision actually was or how it was intended to work…

Since arriving here, it has become possible to do so, and so here it is…

Nemus Custodis is envisioned as being the part of the planetary transformation effort which is engaged with the legacy system – an Association, existing in and registered in, a legacy jurisdiction, for the purposes of conducting commercial ventures by and for the people of the world. It is conceived from the perspective that, if we are to transcend this current state of affairs where big corporations control people and planet, then we must begin to act collectively in the corporate arena in order that the people of the world can play at the same level (in fact beyond it) and thereby overcome the current status quo.

It also proceeds from the perspective that the existing system has actually worked very well. The problem is that it has worked for the benefit of a few to the exclusion of all others (and the detriment of the land we call our home), because of the way in which it has been operated, and that the simplest way to effect positive change in the world is for us to collectively employ that long-established proven system, en masse, to allow humanity to reclaim their power within the system… in this way the system itself may become the tool of our salvation.

It is, for want of a better explanation, the means by which the global economic landscape may be restructured from the inside out – a Trojan horse if you will… and I for one love the concept. I love its power, I love its founding principles and I love its simplicity… But most of all I love the way in which it completes the New Earth metric, focussing on the part of human life that we have been yet to embrace the enormous transformative possibilities of – the world of illusion offered up by the existing systems and enclosures of the world. There is a point in time (once one has made peace with their own past and released themselves from the grip of the ‘system’ to which they were formerly indentured) beyond which continuing to overlook the possibilities for system reformation is really a representation of residual fear toward that system… We are called, not to turn our backs on life (Babylonian agenda’s or not), but rather to shed the light of truth on, and find the love in, all that is.

The ultimate vision which Nemus Custodis offers up is of one single unified cooperative, owned by all the people of the world, controlled equally by all the people of the world who, having aggregated their collective economic power, are able to reclaim all of the core ‘assets’ which are presently used to exploit people and planet. At which point the very idea of a corporation enters into dissolution because the characteristics which define a ‘corporation’ (competition, division, profit-motive) have, by unified action, been altogether transcended.

What’s even more exciting is that the strategic path to achieve what seems to be such an impossibly grand remit is incredibly simple – unify legacy currencies (and end usury) through the creation of a single currency owned, issued and controlled directly by the people of the world; employ the collective profits and investments of the people of the world to create conscious sustainable localised enterprise on a global scale AND transmute the activities of established multinational corporations – the friendly takeover to end all takeovers – humanity’s takeover!

And so for these purposes (as well as to have a recognisable vessel with which to conduct the Aguano Muyuna NEP) we have, today, formed an Association by the name Nemus Custodis. As the Association will also be responsible for the enterprise development efforts (Aguanina – as shared in a previous blog) which are the sustainable foundation for the project, forming Nemus Custodis means that we can finally begin in earnest with implementing the strategic path as outlined for the Aguano Muyuna New Earth Project.

We are therefore, pretty excited – forming Nemus Custodis represents the beginning – and we have just begun…

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