I created Shambhalabamba for a number of reasons

I, Mofwoofoo, created Shambhalabamba for a number of reasons; to enjoy living in an ideal society, a society that could be realistically created, and be a model for humanity, such that humanity could learn to live as one happy, non-dysfunctional family, ever refining and improving, such that all would enjoy abundance, freedom, and love. A place where locks are not necessary, where crime and violence fade into history, where supreme happiness is the norm. It may sound like a dream, because it is a dream, and the idea is to follow one’s dreams and to manifest them and make them our reality.

In this kind of world, everyone is equal with an equal voice in making group decisions. There can be no privileged positions, like a king or leader, this would defeat the purpose. So far, I have financed the community, but this will change, once the community can generate sufficient funds for its members and for its costs. One of the problems with the community movenment worldwide is finances, transforming money into housing, structures, gardens, roads, electriciy, water, fences, animal care, etc. is one way for one to spend what money one might have. People with money could spend it on making a better world rather than making their own small world better. In this way they will make their own small world bigger and better at the same time. Instead of their being a division between the rich and the poor, it is possible in this way, to bring the two together for the benefit of all.

We are a living experiment. People in Shambhalabamba have the responsibiiity and opportunity to create the best possible life they can. I have provided all that is necessary, but that would come to nothing, if no one takes what is provided and makes the most of it. We have a synergistic relationship where we are dependent on one another. For example, I have provided the tools, the land, and the seeds for gardening. Now we need the expertise and the effort to grow food in the most effective way we can. It would be foolish not to do this. It is the same with all the aspects of living here. And it is through self organizing that we can decide how best to go about it. There is always plenty to do, hence we have volunteers to help us and for them to learn while helping us and to enjoy the experience of cooperating and collaborating with us.

Giving generously from the heart is the best way to reap the benefits of community living and we are all models for this. It also is a spiritual path, selfless service, though it is not truly selfless, since we all gain so much from this and the community grows in strength through this. It is a simple template for living together in the most satisfying way. Harmony, unity, and personal integrity are the 3 principles which we try to maintain always. With this simple structure, rules are not necessary, only agreements, and everyone enjoys real freedom. Hopefully, you can see, that responsibility for everything is intrrically connected with our freedom. It is absolutely necessary for people to assume as much responsibility for everything here as possible if we are to enjoy the freedom and happiness that comes with living in “authentic” community.

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