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1st property 40594 Road G, Mancos, CO: 9.5 acres Seeking members

my home (3 bdrm, 2 bath) inhabited
stucco straw bale home (2 bdrm, 2 bath) uninhabited, needs renovation
2 story barn uninhabited needs total renovation
year-round running irrigation water, ideal for livestock (i.e. llamas, etc)
7 acre shares of irrigation water
property is on the ‘grid’–water, elect, propane; would like to be off
$50,000 Home Equity Loan lien

2nd property, 40656 Road G, Mancos, CO ( 9.5 acres east of 1st property), uninhabited, seeking purchase/members

has utilities (water tap, phone & electric lines) old trailer, outbuildings, and old farm equipment in need of removal
has corner of large pond on the back of the property
year-round running irrigation water
might be issues of ‘rescinded’ irrigation rights
has a well, but needs to be deeper
listed for sale, price seems exorbitant ($100,000 to high)

3rd property 40514 Road G, Mancos, CO (100.7 acres south of properties 1 & 2, bordering public lands–BLM) tenant in residence, property listed to sell $735,000. Seeking purchase/members.

One residence (4 bdrm, 3 bth)
2 ponds–one large, one small

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