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So often I wake up in the morning, take one look at what is happening in the world, and feel endless pain about betraying the true purpose of why humans emerged on Earth.

Radical responsibility asks: “What shall I do with this hour, this day? Shall I try to squeeze my soul again into a framework that only directs the human death-march further towards the abyss? Shall I surrender my authority again to those whose hearts are numbed and minds are trapped in concepts like ‘nationality,’ ‘financial gain,’ ‘beliefs,’ ‘security,’ and ‘enforcing the laws of empire’?”

But if I say, “No! No more! Not me! Not this day!” what then shall I do? How can I set out on a different path? Where do I go? And with whom? Is anybody out there?

The mainstream charges towards the cliff of doom like frenzied lemmings. Now and then I see an option whiz by in my peripheral vision, but how do I exit the rat race?

It would be revolutionary… but I could… just stop.

I could sit for some days and weeks on the sidelines and notice what is really going on. I could center myself, let it all in and feel it. I could consciously breathe.

I could find some water or stones or trees and sit with them, touch them with my fingers. I could look to see if anyone else notices that the Emperor wears no clothes.

And if I see others out there? What then? All my fears were wasted? Then I am not alone?

And if we come together, face each other and listen, without an agenda, or hold hands in a silent space we become an antenna.  (continued at link above)

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